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Last updated: March 23rd, 2022

Supporting your child with their Wellbeing

Supporting your child with their Wellbeing

Building Resilience

Through our curriculum, assemblies, form time activities and PSHE, 365外围足球平台非常注重帮助学生培养适应能力. 适应力强的孩子不太害怕犯错,更愿意冒险——因为如果他们做错了,他们也能应对. 当他们面临挑战时,他们也更能适应,因为他们已经制定了一系列的策略来帮助他们克服这些挑战. 有一些很棒的资源可以帮助你在家里支持你的孩子.

BBC Bitesize
Five ways to build your child’s resilience - BBC Bitesize
Raising resilient children

Additional Support – School Based Support

We do however understand that there may be times, for a variety of reasons, when your child is struggling and you may need some additional. 365外围足球平台外围买球网站有一个非常清晰的支持结构,形式导师总是第一个接触点. 您的孩子可能需要的任何额外支持将通过您孩子的年度负责人协调. We offer a wide range of additional support including:

  • Coping Strategies
  • Wellbeing Mentors
  • Small group Wellbeing Sessions (for anxiety and self esteem)
  • Bereavement support
  • Short term counselling sessions / support
  • Referrals to external / additional support

Should you feel like your child needs additional support please contact your child’s form tutor in the first instance. They will be able to pass on your concerns to the most relevant person.

Parental Guide



Whilst this is by no means a complete picture, 每一种可以使用的方法或每一个可以被访问的组织, we do hope that you will find this a helpful starting point.

Supporting your child with their Wellbeing at home
Download the booklet

External Support

有许多组织为家庭和年轻人提供涵盖一系列专业的支持. 以下是在过去一年中被家庭和年轻人成功使用的组织.

Healthy Surrey
...萨里是萨里郡议会创建的一个网站,为情感健康和心理健康需求提供支持. The website has a range of self help resources, online help and details of where to access more help if you need it.
Children and young people's mental health and wellbeing
有人一天24小时都可以倾听你的任何担忧,没有评判或压力. Website and phone service.
Young Minds
...are an organisation who specialise in working with young people. 他们的网站上有各种各样的资源,涵盖了一系列的主题.
...在线服务是为正在经历心理健康问题的年轻人提供数字支持的吗. They provide articles, wellbeing ideas and online community support.
...是否有广泛的资源提供信息,以帮助您的孩子了解他们可能的感受. 他们还提供了一系列关于可以做些什么来支持幸福的想法.
Coming out of lockdown
MindEd For Families
BEAT ...is an organisation specialising in Eating Disorders. They offer a phone and online chat support. 0808 801 0711
Chat Health
...is a confidential text messaging service for young people. 您可以与医疗保健专业人员联系以获得建议和支持
...offers facts, advice and support on drugs and alcohol. They operate online and via phone support.
...offers support for young people suffering bereavement. 他们有一个网站,上面有很多非常有用的信息,而且他们还提供在线支持

In a crisis situation

Should you find yourself in a situation where you need URGENT 有关您孩子的心理健康或幸福的支持,请使用以下服务:

Surrey Mental Health Service offer a Mental Health Helpline

They operate 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year 0800 915 4644